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We pride ourselves in providing professional casino gaming related player training courses.

We are currently offering a variety of courses through local community adult education programs. All of our classes are taught by experienced player-instructors and all feature a good mix of classroom lecture and hands-on play.

It is our goal to provide players with a thorough basic understanding of each game we teach. Upon leaving one of our classes, a student should have the confidence to join in a game and the skill to play that game correctly.

It is also our goal to have some fun. Our instructors are also players who love the games that they teach and really enjoy talking about them. They always share their personal stories and memories of the favorite gambling moments with their students.

For more information on our training activities as well as a list of upcoming classes please visit our training section.

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May you always make your point, flop your set, and draw to 21.

Good Luck,

John Berube

Mountain View Games, LLC